Photo: AMC/Paul Tassi

The Walking Dead threw a wrench in the works last night when they introduced an entirely new group to the equation, one not found in the comics, that Rick attempts to recruit as allies in the upcoming fight against Negan, joining Alexandria, the Hilltop and eventually the Kingdom and the Amazons, most likely.

It was a bit of an odd episode without all that much action, but there was something about this plotline that I found awfully familiar. As Rick’s adventure was unfolding, I was very much seeing the entire situation as a quest from Fallout 4.

The Fallout series and The Walking Dead already have obvious parallels between existing in the post-apocalypse and with zombie-like ghouls roaming the land, but this episode in particular made that comparison more stark than usual.

I want to try to frame this as a literal quest from Fallout 4 as best I can (with perhaps slightly better dialogue options), so this will be uh, an experiment in formatting, shall we say. This will only really make any amount of sense if you’ve watched the episode, so go and do that first. And I guess the set-up was in last week’s episode. Anyway, here we go.

<<Rick enters his settlement as his NPC allies move about. He is approached by Aaron>>

AARON: Rick, something’s wrong. Father Gabriel is missing. He was on guard duty, but it seems like he took off with a car and some food.


X) That rat bastard!

Y) He wouldn’t do that…

A) Is anyone else missing?

B) We need to investigate

<<QUEST STARTED: Search for clues about Gabriel’s location>>

<<Rick searches the area, and discovers a notebook. He examines the notebook to find BOAT scrawled on it>>

RICK: I know where he went

<<NEW OBJECTIVE: Look for Gabriel near the old boat. A new marker has been added to your minimap>>

<<Rick and his followers track back to the boat area. When they arrive, they’re met by a strange new group wearing all-black, cult-like robes. They’re led to what appears to be a trash fortress. They speak strangely>>

TRASH WOMAN: You speak. Words now. Take things, we have. Your lives, ours, taken, as well.

Photo: AMC/Paul Tassi


X) What the hell are you even saying?

Y) Give us back Gabriel or I’ll gut you (ATTACK)

A) Who are you people?

B) Let’s talk about how we can help each other (CHARISMA: 5)

TRASH WOMAN: Worthy you are not. Prove thyself in gauntlet trial of spikes and madness

RICK: Excuse me?

<<Rick is pushed into a closed off area, separated from his party members. He tries a nearby door>>

<<It won’t budge>>

RICK: What is—


<<Rick fights valiantly unarmed. Loses 30% HP and cripples his arm and leg, but uses environmental hazards to his advantage and is victorious>>

<<OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Report back to Trash Woman>>

TRASH WOMAN: Not bad, you are. Perhaps we take lives, not just things. For price, that is right.

Photo: AMC/Paul Tassi


X) You just tried to murder me you nutjob! (ATTACK)

Y) Seriously, what the hell are you saying?

A) Join us or die like your spiked friend

B) If you help us kill the Saviors, we’ll split the spoils of war (INTELLIGENCE: 8)

<<Michonne disliked that>>

<<Aaron liked that>>

<<Rosita hates you>>

TRASH WOMAN: Perhaps this is acceptable, but task you must complete for our hand in friendship. Guns are the tool required. Only then, our strength is yours

RICK: Fine. (mutters) Nutjob


<<NEW QUEST STARTED: Bring the Trash People a weapon cache>>


That’s the best I got.

If I were Rick I’d sink a few more points into Luck. He’s going to need it going up against a max STRENGTH, ENDURANCE, CHARISMA Negan.