The Demons were subjected to a punishing pre-season camp before Christmas where they were put through a sleep deprivation test and required to carry bricks in backpacks on a 20km trek.

“It was obviously designed to test the group both mentally and physically, I guess take us out of our comfort zone and challenge us in unfamiliar circumstances,’’ Jones said.

“I think it was a real positive for the group and hopefully something we can draw on throughout the year.

Melbourne captain Nathan Jones completes a running session during pre-season. Picture: Wayne Ludbey

“It was a pretty interesting experience, that (sleep deprivation test) was probably one of the real challenges — I sort of reflect on it now as one of the best experiences I have had in 12 years in the system.

“I think most of the players in particular saw it that way and I think the real benefits of it will come down the track and hopefully it is something that we can draw on when we’re under pressure or trying to dig ourselves out.’’

While Jones can see the benefits of the camp, it came at a cost with midfielder Dom Tyson injuring his knee and Christian Salem treated for concussion after a brick fell on his head.

Milos Raonic testing out his footy skills with @melbournefc captain Nathan Jones at the MCG @heraldsunsport

— Rebecca Williams (@BecHeraldSun) January 11, 2017

“We go into the camp not intending to get an injury out of it, but you could look at that whole pre-season period and chances are someone is going to get injured,’’ Jones said.

“Accidents happen and you can’t foresee those injuries, those boys will recover well. Christian is already back in the main group and it’s been reported with Dom that he is recovering really quickly and his rehab has progressed in the last week and he will be back as soon as possible.’’

Meanwhile, Jones announced the Demons had extended their partnership with apparel sponsor New Balance for another three years.

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