Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens took their rivalry to another level on Sunday night inside Hell in a Cell in what was arguably the match of the entire Hell in a Cell 2016 pay-per-view.

The failure of WWE to have Triple H address why he handed Owens the Universal Championship earlier this year has created a strange feel to this feud from the very start. But gradually, Owens and Rollins are making the action all about them, rather than the likes of Chris Jericho and The Game.

And in many ways, it’s fairly easy to predict what is next for the duo as Nov. 20’s Survivor Series and the final few shows of 2016 approach.

Owens, who remains the universal champion courtesy of a major assist from Jericho on Sunday night, doesn’t appear to have many competitors queuing up to face him right now. And with Survivor Series and the brand-versus-brand matches which will take place just around the corner, perhaps the champion will instead head up a Raw team at that show rather than defend his championship.

Jericho addressed the situation in a backstage promo on Sunday night when he said that Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley should pick him as the top star for the team, with Owens standing just behind him.

Those comments could be built upon, adding further fuel to the tension between Owens and Jericho ahead of what will surely be a split at some point.

Rollins next feud will be against Triple H and Owens’ next feud will be against Jericho. #HIAC

— Sid. (@deathlockmaster) October 31, 2016

That split could come at Survivor Series itself, with Owens turning his back on Jericho and setting up a Universal Championship feud between those two guys. But if that does happen, what does it mean for Seth Rollins?

Until Triple H returns and conclusively answers why he did what he did, Rollins appears to be in limbo.

There’s every possibility WWE will roll with Owens vs. Rollins again—though at Survivor Series, it seems.

But if it’s Jericho who gets to work a program with Owens, Rollins is left with very little on the table in terms of viable feuds.

He could step down and fight someone else away from the main event scene, but in all fairness, that isn’t where Rollins deserves to be. He has to be at the very top end of the card moving forward, and it’s only right that Triple H come back sooner than later to set up his rivalry with Rollins.

@NewAgeInsiders I could see Triple H coming back at Survivor Series. Maybe if Owens loses the title to Rollins HHH would come back idk

— Cameron Stewart (@CstewWrestler) October 31, 2016

If he doesn’t, and Owens moves on and works with someone else, where will it leave Rollins? There aren’t too many top heels on Raw without any concrete plans for the next few weeks, and it could be detrimental to his momentum if he’s placed on the shelf at Survivor Series.

Owens’ path seems fairly straightforward from here on out. WWE should make him and Jericho be the two big names on Team Raw for Survivor Series and decide whether the tension between the two comes to a head.

As for Rollins, things are slightly more difficult to predict. His feud with Triple H is going to happen at some point, but the longer WWE keeps everyone waiting, the less explosive it will be, unfortunately.